Painting is emotional; texture, brush strokes, color all enhance the emotion and the vision. My influences began with Cezanne, then Monet, Picasso, Pollock & DeKooning. The color, the  structure, brushstrokes and drips: layering, texturing  , staining; energising the plane of the canvas to produce an image like no other.

White Noise Isn't Always White: The term 'white noise' has been bandied about ad nauseum the past few years.I have used white noise to help cover the sound of the freeway when I sleep but...what did I think and feel about the term being used in the current context? This group of paintings represent my search for meaning in the term 'white noise'. Beauty is created from darkness and light.

Feelings on Fire:    This is a time in my life to bare my soul. The paint is thinner, stained onto raw canvas in my search for essence;   a revelation as it unfolds.  

Urban Landscape:   reflects  NYC, LA &  Ventura ; all cities near water, finding beauty in weathered   graffiti   as well as  roiling river or ocean.  Textures . Light.  Energy.  Layers, over or under , the depth of life.Changes in the Light, caught in a glance.