Painting is emotional; texture, brush strokes, color all enhance the emotion and the vision. My influences began with Cezanne, then Monet, Picasso, Pollock & DeKooning. The color, the  structure, brushstrokes and drips: layering, texturing  , staining; energising the plane of the canvas to produce an image like no other.

Feelings on Fire:    This is a time in my life   to bare my soul. The paint is thinner, stained onto raw canvas in my search for essence;   a revelation as it unfolds.  

Urban Landscape:   reflects  NYC, LA &  Ventura ; all cities near water, finding beauty in weathered   graffiti   as well as  roiling river or ocean.  Textures . Light.  Energy.  Layers, over or under , the depth of life.Changes in the Light, caught in a glance.